Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Purchasing New Trucks and Renewing Truck Fleet for Your Trucking Company Business

Volvo VNL 760

Most companies realize that investing in their business is the only way to make progress. Of course, it isn't always as simple as that, but one story was revealed online recently that showed how investment is sometimes vital if you're going to take on a bigger load when working in the trucking company.
Renewed fleet is an investment
One particular logistics recently renewed a large contract with a packaging manufacturer. As the contract couldn't be fulfilled unless the company put a major investment into new trucks, that's exactly what they did. The company now has 15 trailer units and a further 24 trailers, so they are now ready for whatever contracts come their way and are able to bid for far more jobs. It's certainly a huge decision to invest in a new fleet but the potential profits can be increased in direct proportion to load capacity. Well worth a thought. One of the companies that recently renewed their fleet is Merx Global in Elk Grove Village, IL. The transportation provider purchased 2018, 2019 Volvo VNL 760 some of which are still in production by the manufacturer. 
More than just a necessary investment
Of course, whenever a trucking company invests in new trucks to bear the load of progress and growth, it's not just about the need to cope with the new demands of a new contract. When you invest in new trucks you're also investing in the way other people see you on the road. Every vehicle carrying a load for a trucking company is a representative of that company, so it makes sense to ensure the visual appeal is as good as possible. [The particular logistics company benefitted greatly from an increased profile on the road and reported a spike in queries coinciding with the launch of the renewed fleet.] The key is consistency: use your logo on the truck wherever possible in a highly visible place. Your brand is your business and the more recognizable your logo [on vehicles and drivers' clothing and hats] the better.
Vehicles of choice
Remember, too, that the trucks you choose are reflective upon your image. There is no point investing in a whole fleet of inferior, unreliable trucks and trailers. While not everyone can afford to purchase spanking new trucks direct from the showroom floor, rushing in and buying some cheap trucks just to say you have a fleet is usually a recipe for disaster. Shop around, ask others in the industry and always invest within your means. It is also a wise idea to be consistent across your fleet and purchase trucks of the same brand. This means that drivers can move from one truck to another without having to learn particular new quirk, and also it can be helpful in maintenance and spare parts to have several vehicles with interchangeable parts.

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