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5 things to consider when choosing the right company

Choosing an employer should be easy - find the company info, look at what they offer and make a decision to apply. Let's assume that you cover the requirements, and the company offers an excellent pay. If you are lucky enough you will be called for an interview and later hired. But is that the best way to choose an employer? In today`s competitive job market, people often change companies and agree to conditions far beneath their desires. Because let`s be honest... who can afford to stay without the job for months and wait to find the right company? There are few things, however, crucial when choosing an employer, that has nothing to do with pay or requirements. Long Term Opportunities If you are just looking for any job, long term opportunities probably don't matter to you. But if you want to build a career and have stable employment that is an important question to have in mind. Companies that keep low turnover rates provide opportunities for its employees, even in