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Is there a doctor in the truck?: Introducing "Doctor on Demand"

Have you ever been dealing with a nagging cough that just won’t go away, but you’re stuck on the road in your truck unable to visit a doctor and get yourself checked out? Maybe you have an allergy that is acting up and you need to get a prescription so that you can take some medication and get yourself feeling right? The lifestyle of a truck driver can make these type of routine doctor visits nearly impossible, especially if you are miles from home with nowhere to park the truck and unable to find a doctor that will see you. Fortunately, these problems could become a thing of the past as technological advancements have allowed a company called Doctor on Demand to offer 24-hour remote coverage to individuals who need it, and you can access it right from the comfort of your truck. HOW IT WORKS Designed for individuals who are too sick to drag themselves out of bed, the telemedicine service allows you to connect with a licensed physician via the Doctor on Demand app (availa