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Why you should consider this trucking company in Illinois?

When it comes to trucking companies in the USA, there is obviously zillion number of them. Big and small carriers and independent owner-operators account for combined yearly revenue of more than 200 billion. According to  Trucking industry overview,  the industry is fragmented - the 50 largest companies account for less than 30 % of the market. So there are hundreds of thousands of small trucking companies that exist in a highly competitive industry.  You should be able to distinguish a good trucking company! For those, who have worked in the industry it is easy to look at the company snapshot on  SaferWeb  to determine how big is its fleet or how many out of service violations it has. These numbers always matter - if you are a broker, you want to make sure you choose the best carrier, if you are a driver, you want to drive for the best company. It is easy to notice the red flags and on the contrary to see the "perfect profile." Merx Global, for example, is one of t

Aerobics for healthier life on the road - Obesity among truck drivers continuing issue in the industry

        T hey are behind the wheel all day, often all night, rarely exercise and make poor food choices. The health issues of truck drivers are a primary concern in the trucking industry today. That is why more and more freight companies are urging their drivers to exercise and improve their diets because they are beset with rising insurance costs. Furthermore, healthy lifestyle and good physical conditions are just another assurance that the driver will be able to pass the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) medical exam. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , truck drivers are at a 20-percent higher risk for obesity. In 2010 FMCSA found that twice as many long-haul truck drivers are overweight compared to the rest of the US workforce. Another serious problem for CDL drivers - the risk of heart disease. The high levels of stress have a significant and negative effect on the heart. Combined with obesity the stress is just one more factor that increases the ch