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Anticipation and procrastination: The ELD mandate pulling all strings in the trucking industry

Multiple technology vendors are anticipating the final ELD compliance date already flooding the market with electronic logging devices. A significant number of companies and owner-operators though still procrastinating the installation of ELDs. Despite the ongoing resistance though the changes are inevitable – all fleet and owner operators must comply with the ELD mandate by December 18, 2017. All motor carriers and truck drivers, who are required to manage a record of duty status (RODS) need to install ELDs in their commercial motor vehicles. But to comply with the original MAP-21 bill, enacted by the US-Congress, the ELDs have to be certified. The choice is not limited. The Federal Motor Vehicle Administration has already listed on its website nearly 80 products self-certified by vendors. That list keeps growing.  According to  the executive board of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance , which determines out-of-service violations, has voted to po