Technology driver company - Using the latest technology to increase every day capacity

Starting April, Merx Global will utilize LoadMaster by McLeod Software, the leading product on the market that supports the dispatch, accounting, operations, as well as the brokerage management and documentation management at more than 600 trucking companies. Using the latest technology on the market like LoadMaster will increase our everyday capacity, keep and even boost our great safety score, and raise our efficiency.

This innovative decision will streamline the process for our drivers as one of the software’s module is specifically designed for their needs. With the Dedicated Billing module, our fleet operators will be
able to upload their paperwork on an easy-to-use application and receive information about load
opportunities directly on their phones. The tool is going to automate a lot of the work that our drivers
currently perform, saving them time and money.

Merx Global continues to bring quality service to its customers and quality work environment to
all of our drivers, dispatchers, operations team members and other staff. Implementing LoadMaster
will increase our capabilities of keeping our high standards.


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