Per Diem Program Explained

Attention Drivers: Want to earn a 10% raise while driving no added miles? Check out our Per Diem program!

One benefit offered to drivers at Merx Global that seems to fly under the radar is our Per Diem program. Offered to any employee who travels out of town overnight (i.e. most of our OTR truck drivers), the program allows for employees to increase their take-home pay by roughly 10% (or the equivalent of an added $0.03 to $0.04/per mile) on a weekly basis.

What the Per Diem program offers is a reimbursement allowance for employees when a driver incurs expenses while spending time away from their home. This accounts for things such as meals and incidental expenses.

Now, you may already be thinking, “Ahh forget it… this is going to get super complicated and it’s not even worth the hassle.”

Wait! You’ve got it all wrong. This program is actually very simple and straightforward.

Rather than going through the trouble of processing receipts and requiring drivers to track every meal that they eat while out on the road, our Per Diem program simply reimburses a fixed amount automatically. NO RECEIPTS REQUIRED. NO EXTRA HASSLE. Just more money going straight into your pocket at the end of the day.


  • For each calendar day that our drivers are away from home for work, they receive an added $66 by confirming their electronic HOS log
  • Drivers must be 50 miles away from their “tax home” when they’re off duty, parked in the truck
  • All amounts paid are tax-free, they are not reported on Form W-2, and they are not subject to income or employment taxes either.
New tax laws in 2018 brought changes to per diem across the country, stating that company drivers are no longer allowed to take advantage of per diem as an itemized deduction on year-end taxes.

But at Merx Global? Our drivers can participate in the company-sponsored program and reap all of the same benefits of per diem. All you need to do is enroll in the program, properly update your HOS log in order to show that you have spent your night away from home, and enjoy your additional take-home pay.


  • Enroll in our Per Diem program
  • Confirm your HOS logs daily
  • Increase your weekly take-home pay by 10%
If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please complete our application to drive for Merx Global at Our recruiting team would be happy to further explain the Per Diem program and tell you more about our driving opportunities.


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